WWDC 2019 promotional image with avatar with subtitle: San Jose, CA from June 3 to 7

Apple recently announced WWDC19, their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which is taking place in San Jose, California, from June 3 to 7. Every year, over 5000 developers attend WWDC, and it has become one of the major events to attend for macOS or iOS developers.

This is a short* blog post where I outline some of my hopes and predictions for what I want to see at WWDC19, especially around developer APIs and tools but also in terms of consumer features, such as dark mode.

*I've been working hard on my WWDC19 Scholarship Submission so this week's blog post is shorter than normal. Check out Building DoublePong, my WWDC18 scholarship submission where I go in depth into how I built my winning WWDC18 submission.


  • A built in "drawer" view controller presentation, similar to that already seen in many apps, such as Mail, Shortcuts, Maps, and more. This would allow every app to use the same, although customizable, transition, making it a more consistent experience.
  • Dark mode support across the entire system. This is already frequently implemented and official support would allow for correctly themed system elements such as UIAlertController which are notoriously hard to change.
  • More officially supported UIKit customization, such as: (idea from u/halleys_comet69)
    • Icons and left aligned text on UIAlertController
    • Customization of UISearchController appearance
    • Custom text shown when UITableView/UICollectionView is empty (built in replacement for DZNEmptyDataSet)
    • Support for putting alternate app icons in Asset Catalogs (it is currently required to keep them outside for some reason) (idea from u/halleys_comet69)
    • Better home screen, such as new widgets or free icon placing
    • Even better iPad productivity


  • Marzipan release for all developers
  • Improvements to Swift Playgrounds in Xcode (there are many frequent crashes and weird issues)