On October 3rd, I launched ClusterCards 2, a complete redesign of my business card scanner app. As I myself don't have much experience (at all) with launching apps, I've found it incredibly valuable to learn from others about their launch and the good or bad, so I wanted to give back by sharing myself.

To do that, I've decided to start a small series, in which I'll post about different topics related to my pre-launch, launch, and post launch. This week, I wanted to start with a short post sharing some stats and information from my launch day.

Before I share these stats, please know that I am not intending to brag or make it look like it was a huge success—‬I just want to provide context to others who are planning to launch their app or simply interested in how it went.

The Numbers

Now that that's out of the way, lets get started with some raw numbers! Note that in the numbers below, ClusterCards+ is priced at $0.99 monthly, $9.99 yearly, and $17.99 lifetime and accordingly around the world.

  • 📱 7,283 App Store page views
  • ⬆️ 3,501 updates
  • 💰 $887 from ClusterCards+ Lifetime ($607 after Apple's 30% cut)
  • 📅 61 subscriptions to ClusterCards+ Monthly (with a 1 month free trial)
  • 📅 14 subscriptions to ClusterCards+ Yearly (with a 1 month free trial)
  • ⭐️ 4.8 star average from ratings (including version 1, the app overall has a 4.4 star average)
  • 📝 6 new reviews in the iOS App Store

Statistics are from a mix of App Analytics in App Store Connect, Sales and Trends in App Store Connect, and AppFigures

Throughout the week, 122 people, or approximately 0.05%, converted to paying customers (although the subscription customers are still on their trials). I was quite shocked that Lifetime was the biggest seller, as I had expected more subscription sales, but the ratio of Monthly to Yearly users is as I expected.

However, lets take a look at some graphs to better understand the week.

The Graphs

Here are some graphs from the week, along with a short explanation of each and some thoughts.

Downloads compared to Revenue each day

This graph shows downloads and revenue each day. The first day was my biggest day, but I did see a little spike (not very visible due to the smooth curve) on the third day, possibly from people sharing the app or some of the later articles about the app (more about this in an upcoming blog post on marketing!). An interesting thing I noticed is that while the downloads slowed down after the initial bump, revenue stayed steady. I feel like that's evidence of existing users taking a few days more to convert.

Downloads by Country

This graph shows the top countries in terms of downloads. As normal, the United States was the top country, and as English is the only language that ClusterCards is localized in for now, the remaining English-speaking countries topping the list is to be expected (Germany seems to be an exception, but I haven't been able to find any German articles).

Top Referral Sources for Downloads

This is a pie chart of my downloads split into where the users came from (App Store Browse is downloads originating from users browsing the store, App Store Search is downloads originating from a search, and App/Web Referrer is downloads after a user clicked a link to the app from a site or another app.) I believe the users coming from Web/App Referrers are likely to be mostly from my tweets or some of the articles written about ClusterCards, while the App Store Search downloads may have been a mix of people searching specifically for the app and people just looking for a business card scanner.


Overall, I'm incredibly happy with how ClusterCards 2 launch week went, especially considering that I did not get much press attention. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who shared, downloaded, or checked out ClusterCards-it's really appreciated!

I hope seeing this data and statistics help you to have a better understanding of how my launch week went, whether you're launching your own app soon or are thinking of starting your own! If you found this post interesting or useful, I highly encourage you to check out Charlie Chapman and Jordan Morgan's blogs, which I found very valuable when planning my launch and expectations.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in this small series, where I hope to talk more about my Marketing strategy and how it went.

If you have any questions about my stats or launch, feel free to reach out on Twitter or by emailing me [email protected]! Thanks for reading 📈