I'm Julian Schiavo, a 16-year-old iOS and Swift developer. I am Italian, but I was born and have lived my entire life in Hong Kong. I started programming at the age of 12, initially making websites and scripts, then moving on to apps when I was 14.

In 2018, I won my first WWDC scholarship and was able to attend Apple's conference for the first time, where I learned a ton about programming and the latest frameworks. I was awarded another WWDC scholarship in 2019, and had an incredibly valuable time as I met up with developers from around the world and shared our passion.

I started this blog for fun in 2019 to share my experience and methods or tips I've discovered while programming, as well as to expand my reach and connections. Other than blogging on this blog, I also make some cool apps for iOS, including ClusterCards 2, an advanced business card scanner, and Events near WWDC, a companion to WWDC, and more.

Have some feedback, questions on this blog or anything else, or want to reach out? Feel free to email me or find me on Twitter, Github, StackOverflow and other places using the bright social media icons.